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Nine hundred residents shared their views through telephone and online opinion surveys conducted in the first half of 2019. Key findings are summarized, including ratings for different aspects of life in Flint. Ratings are based on a scale of one to five, in which five means “very positive” and one means “very negative.” For more information about how the ratings were calculated, see Methodology.


This section highlights survey results regarding what’s working and what needs improvement. If a section of Focus on Flint does not include information about Things to Celebrate or Things to Improve, it’s because the survey didn’t yield responses to fit the categories.


In addition to results of the opinion survey, Focus on Flint shares information that local nonprofit organizations and agencies have reported hearing from the residents they serve.


Support for the organizations and programs presented in bold text includes funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which produced this report. To learn more, visit the Foundation’s website,


Each section includes data and statistics that illuminate strengths of the Flint community and highlight challenges. These facts were collected through opinion surveys of Flint residents; from city, state and federal agencies; and from local nonprofit organizations. The Flint surveys were conducted in the first half of 2019. Unless otherwise noted, all remaining data are from 2018.


This section highlights organizations and programs working to address issues in the Flint community and provides information about how to connect with them.


Focus on Flint explores nine important issues facing the local community: Arts and Culture, Economy, Education, Health, Housing, Public Safety, Quality of Life, Standard of Living and Water. This section describes why each issue is critical to the community and summarizes work underway.



Throughout the Focus on Flint initiative, residents and community members clearly told us that their top priorities were neighborhoods, safety, economic development and education. The Mott Foundation continues to receive feedback from the Flint community, which helps guide our local grantmaking. Below you will find the most recent Focus on Flint updates and more information on how to stay involved.

If you have any questions, please email or call 810-237-4888. Thank you again for your input and interest as we all Focus on Flint!

Hundreds of trees to be planted in Flint starting in the spring

The Mott Foundation granted $140,000 to the Genesee Conservation District to plant 250 trees throughout Flint’s nine wards over the next two years. Tree planting will begin in the spring, with a goal of planting 200 in the first year.

In 2020, the Mott Foundation granted $208,579 to GCD to remove more than 330 dead and dangerous trees throughout the city of Flint based on residents’ feedback during community conversations. Although it wasn’t one of the top eight projects funded after residents voted on how to allocate $1 million to strengthen Flint neighborhoods, it was raised as a top priority by community members.

Residents also said planting new trees was important to them, so the Mott Foundation was happy to support that, as well. Learn more about the process and how residents can request a tree be planted near their home.


When the Mott Foundation launched the Focus on Flint initiative in 2019, we said we would continue to track and report back on residents’ perspectives on key issues related to life in the city.

For the third year in a row, we commissioned a survey about nine key issues that affect quality of life. This year, we also asked residents about COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic.

You can learn more about the survey results for this and prior years at

Neighborhood Engagement Hub hosts second citywide cleanup

The Neighborhood Engagement Hub hosted its second citywide cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 18. 

During the cleanup, neighborhood groups and individual residents completed projects on more than 20 sites throughout the city’s nine wards.

The two citywide cleanups, the first of which took place in May, were supported through a grant from the Mott Foundation, awarded through the Foundation’s Focus on Flint initiative. Mott granted $82,147 to the Neighborhood Engagement Hub to coordinate the cleanups after asking residents to vote on how to allocate $1 million in grants to strengthen neighborhoods.


Teachers at all Flint-based schools were invited to participate in community conversations held in-person on Sept. 9 and virtually on Oct. 5. Approximately 50 local educators shared their feedback and perspectives about education in Flint.


Learn more about what the Mott Foundation is working on in regards to two topics residents said were among their top concerns: strengthening neighborhoods and education.

A lo largo de la iniciativa Focus on Flint, los residentes y miembros de la comunidad nos dijeron claramente que sus principales prioridades eran los vecindarios, la seguridad, el desarrollo económico y la educación. Mott Foundation continúa recibiendo comentarios de la comunidad de Flint, lo que ayuda a guiar nuestra concesión de subvenciones local. A continuación, encontrará las actualizaciones más recientes de Focus on Flint y más información sobre cómo participar.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, envíe un correo electrónico a o llame al 810-237-4888. ¡Gracias nuevamente por su interés y aporte ya que todos nos enfocamos en Flint!

Cientos de árboles se plantarán en Flint a partir de la primavera

La Mott Foundation otorgó $ 140,000 al Genesee Conservation District para plantar 250 árboles en los nueve distritos de Flint durante los próximos dos años. La plantación de árboles comenzará en la primavera, con el objetivo de plantar 200 en el primer año.

En 2020, la Mott Foundation otorgó $ 208,579 a GCD para eliminar más de 330 árboles muertos y peligrosos en toda la ciudad de Flint según los comentarios de los residentes durante las conversaciones comunitarias. Aunque no fue uno de los ocho proyectos principales financiados después de que los residentes votaran sobre cómo asignar $ 1 millón para fortalecer los vecindarios de Flint, los miembros de la comunidad lo plantearon como una prioridad máxima.

Los residentes también dijeron que plantar árboles nuevos era importante para ellos, por lo que la Mott Foundation también estaba feliz de apoyar eso.


Cuando la Mott Foundation lanzó la iniciativa Focus on Flint en 2019, dijimos que continuaríamos rastreando e informando sobre las perspectivas de los residentes sobre temas clave relacionados con la vida en la ciudad.

Por tercer año consecutivo, encargamos una encuesta sobre nueve temas clave que afectan la calidad de vida. Este año, también preguntamos a los residentes sobre COVID-19 y el impacto de la pandemia.

Puede obtener más información sobre los resultados de la encuesta para este y años anteriores en


Los maestros de todas las escuelas con sede en Flint fueron invitados a participar en conversaciones comunitarias que se llevaron a cabo en persona el 9 de septiembre y virtualmente el 5 de octubre. Aproximadamente cincuenta educadores locales compartieron sus comentarios y perspectivas sobre la educación en Flint.

Neighborhood Engagement Hub organiza la segunda limpieza en toda la ciudad

Neighborhood Engagement Hub realizará su segunda limpieza en toda la ciudad el sábado 18 de septiembre. Puede ver los sitios de limpieza e inscribirse para ser voluntario en Genesee Serves.

Durante la limpieza, grupos de vecinos y residentes individuales completarán proyectos en más de 20 sitios en los nueve distritos de la ciudad.

Las dos limpiezas en toda la ciudad, la primera de las cuales tuvo lugar en mayo, se financian mediante una subvención del Mott Foundation, otorgado a través de la iniciativa Focus on Flint de la Fundación. Mott otorgó $ 82,147 al Neighborhood Engagement Hub para coordinar las limpiezas después de pedir a los residentes que votaran sobre cómo asignar $ 1 millón en subvenciones para fortalecer los vecindarios.


Obtenga más información sobre en qué está trabajando Mott Foundation con respecto a dos temas que, según los residentes, eran sus principales preocupaciones: fortalecer los vecindarios y la educación.

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