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Nine hundred residents shared their views through telephone and online opinion surveys conducted in the first half of 2019. Key findings are summarized, including ratings for different aspects of life in Flint. Ratings are based on a scale of one to five, in which five means “very positive” and one means “very negative.” For more information about how the ratings were calculated, see Methodology.


This section highlights survey results regarding what’s working and what needs improvement. If a section of Focus on Flint does not include information about Things to Celebrate or Things to Improve, it’s because the survey didn’t yield responses to fit the categories.


In addition to results of the opinion survey, Focus on Flint shares information that local nonprofit organizations and agencies have reported hearing from the residents they serve.


Support for the organizations and programs presented in bold text includes funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which produced this report. To learn more, visit the Foundation’s website,


Each section includes data and statistics that illuminate strengths of the Flint community and highlight challenges. These facts were collected through opinion surveys of Flint residents; from city, state and federal agencies; and from local nonprofit organizations. The Flint surveys were conducted in the first half of 2019. Unless otherwise noted, all remaining data are from 2018.


This section highlights organizations and programs working to address issues in the Flint community and provides information about how to connect with them.


Focus on Flint explores nine important issues facing the local community: Arts and Culture, Economy, Education, Health, Housing, Public Safety, Quality of Life, Standard of Living and Water. This section describes why each issue is critical to the community and summarizes work underway.



During dozens of community conversations in 2019, residents identified several priorities for making Flint a better place to live, learn, work and play. Residents repeatedly told us that education is one of their top concerns. Through a variety of opportunities over the past few months, we have been able to speak to a small group of parents and guardians. Feedback from the Flint community helps guide our local grantmaking, and we look forward to more opportunities to listen to residents and other community members.

To stay up to date on the next steps, share your email with us to be the first to know when more community conversations are scheduled.

Below you will find updates from the Focus on Flint initiative specifically related to this priority, listed from newest to oldest. If you have any questions, please email or call 810-237-4888.

Thank you again for your input and interest as we all Focus on Flint!


Teachers at all Flint-based schools were invited to participate in community conversations held in-person on Sept. 9 and virtually on Oct. 5. Approximately 50 local educators shared their feedback and perspectives about education in Flint.


We had hoped to hold community conversations about education in 2020 as the next part of our Focus on Flint initiative, but the pandemic upended those plans. Though the pandemic is not yet over, we think education is too important a topic for us to wait any longer before we hear more from residents. We also understand that it’s possible that your priorities for education could be different today than they were before the pandemic.

When the Foundation supported a 2020 Quality of Life Survey in Flint, the results showed that residents’ overall rating about their satisfaction with education in Flint went down from 2.6 to 2.4 out of 5. This isn’t a big change, but it is the only area that we measured where the rating went down instead of staying the same or increasing compared with the year before.

Residents’ evaluation of Flint on the issue of: 2020 2019  
Education 2.4 2.6

Durante decenas de conversaciones comunitarias en 2019, los residentes identificaron varias prioridades para hacer de Flint un mejor lugar para vivir, aprender, trabajar y jugar. Los residentes nos dijeron repetidamente que la educación es una de sus principales preocupaciones. A través de una variedad de oportunidades durante los últimos meses, hemos podido hablar con un pequeño grupo de padres y tutores. Los comentarios de la comunidad de Flint ayudan a guiar nuestra concesión de subvenciones local, y esperamos más oportunidades para escuchar a los residentes y otros miembros de la comunidad.

Para mantenerse actualizado sobre los próximos pasos, comparta su correo electrónico con nosotros para ser el primero en saber cuándo se programan más conversaciones comunitarias.

A continuación, encontrará actualizaciones de la iniciativa Focus on Flint específicamente relacionadas con esta prioridad, enumeradas de la más nueva a la más antigua. Si tiene alguna pregunta, envíe un correo electrónico a o llame al 810-237-4888.

¡Gracias nuevamente por su interés y aporte ya que todos nos enfocamos en Flint!


Los maestros de todas las escuelas con sede en Flint fueron invitados a participar en conversaciones comunitarias que se llevaron a cabo en persona el 9 de septiembre y virtualmente el 5 de octubre. Aproximadamente cincuenta educadores locales compartieron sus comentarios y perspectivas sobre la educación en Flint.


Esperábamos mantener conversaciones comunitarias sobre educación en 2020 como la próxima parte de nuestra iniciativa Focus on Flint, pero la pandemia cambió esos planes. Aunque la pandemia aún no ha terminado, creemos que la educación es un tema demasiado importante para que esperemos más antes de escuchar más de los residentes. También entendemos que es posible que sus prioridades para la educación sean diferentes hoy de lo que eran antes de la pandemia.

Cuando la Fundación apoyó una Encuesta de Calidad de Vida 2020 en Flint, los resultados mostraron que la calificación general de los residentes sobre su satisfacción con la educación en Flint bajó de 2.6 a 2.4 sobre 5. Este no es un gran cambio, pero es el única área que medimos donde la calificación bajó en lugar de permanecer igual o aumentar en comparación con el año anterior.

Evaluación de los residentes de Flint sobre el tema de: 2020 2019  
Educación 2.4 2.6
*From our 2019 report.

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